Saturday, May 06, 2017

1967 Roberta Letter -May 15

[May 15, 1967?]
Dear family,

Hi! – got package Friday, we opened up one thing Friday, the camera.  It is really nice (you can't roll the film too far or anything).  I opened up the socks Saturday night and we were going to save all the rest of stuff till today but didn't have enough will power!

The dress is really pretty and it fits real good, now I can't decide whether to wear it or the flowered suit June 3rd.  I haven't worn either of them yet.  What do you think?

Fire alarm clock is really nice, too!  Now maybe I'll be able to get up earlier in the morning and study so my grades will go up. (ha!)  I'm sure I'll use it alot – it even fits in my purse!

Last night the room ate over at Sylvia's house it was really good chicken – the whole works!  Hi!  That was just you all on the phone!  So I guess this letter is just going to be a repeat.  Oh, well!  Back to the dinner last night, when the last [bell?] rang I went walking out of the room and those guys all called me back.  They kept saying the whole room is going to skip supper so you can't go or they would know that the four of them skipped.  Well, after about ten minutes they finally decided that we should go to supper after all and just be late.  We all waked out the door and they started sing "Happy Birthday" to me.  Then we all walked over to Sylvia's and dinner.  Boy, was I ever surprised.

Suzanne gave me these two books and Sylvia gave me 3 little note pads.  I'm including a sheet of each with this letter.

Can't think of anything else to say so I'll close for now.  Thanks so much for the presents, cake and telephone call.

Love, Roberta

P.S. that money sure will come in handy this summer.  Helen says it will cost about $150 for round trip plane ticket to her house.  Expensive, huh?

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