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1987 Catherine Letter -May 11

Monday, May 11, 1987

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  thanks for your letter and the $$ towards Wendy's travel expenses.  She is already planning what she will be wearing on the plane, what to take with her, etc.

This is my day to work 12-9 this week so I was able to ride (on my bike) with Wendy to school and then catch up with Gerry along the canal just east of 35th and accompany him to work.  He has been walking every day.  Then I went to the Auto Licensing place and got the car registered.  Last week on my morning off I had taken it to the emission testing place and failed -- had to get a new catalytic converter and a fuel intake restrictor before it would pass.  So I got that taken care of on Saturday, then passed the emissions test.  I guess that makes us official Arizonians instead of "snowbirds".

I'm really enjoying the job at the Glendale Library.  It's great to be part of a team instead of doing everything myself.  All their regular storytimes, craft programs, etc. ended in April so that May could be spent promoting summer reading.  I think all but one or two schools have scheduled (out of maybe 2-25 schools).  Two of us have been going to each school and spending 15-30 minutes with large groups (50-300) depending on how they are scheduled.  Most of the arrangements are made with the school librarian.  We are trying to see all the classes K-4.  We tell a couple stories and then talk up the summer programs.  I'll try to enclose some info.  Some classes from schools close to the library are coming in for tours.  I did a kindergarten tour last week, including a summer promo and a couple stories.  Also did a 5th grade, did booktalks for them instead of stories.  Everyone (that I've met so far anyway -- I understand there are about 60 employees altogether) is very sociable.  They take breaks together, go to lunch together, etc.  The atmosphere at work is very relaxed, yet professional.

Well, it's about time for me to prepare to leave and I need to eat some brunch or something to hold me until 4:00 which is my "supper" hour.

I'll enclose a check for Gerry's shirts at Velva-Sheen.  No great rush on them though.  Thanks.

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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