Friday, May 12, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter to John -May 17

Mary 17, 1977

Dear John,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter from that ritzy hotel in Indianapolis.  It sounds like your Ohio delegation did OK.

How did you do on your exams?  I don't suppose you'll get your grades for a few days.  It must be nice to be out of school for awhile – how long will your stint at Seton Hall be?  I guess you'll be in New Vienna for the Memorial Day festivities

May 18, 1977
Roberta arrived late last night – very tired and rather discouraged with travel by bus.  She said she isn't as young as she used to be.  She also said you gave her $10 to take us out to dinner – Wow!  Thanks.  We'll let you know where we go & what we eat, etc.

She brought us some really nice shirts from the misprint shop.  We should have enough to last us awhile now.

Have you been following the National League at all?  The Dodgers sure are going strong.  The Padres are at the other end.  After yesterday's fiasco in Chicago (they lost 23-6) they have brought up two pitchers from the minor league, plus traded one to Saint Louis so maybe things will improve.

We'd like Mary Virginia to come out for all or part of the month of August.  So help her talk it up if you can.

Drop us a line if you have the time.

Cathy & Gerry

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