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1967 Roberta's Letter -May 18

[postmarked May 18, 1967]
Wednesday A.M.

Dear family,

Hi– today is "all-students day."  The kids are teaching classes, ringing bells and everything else. It is really pretty neat cause everybody is quieter than usual.  The teachers all went somewhere, all except nurse who I guess is up in her room for emeregency (sp?) use only.

Yesterday we went to the style show put on by Kirks downtown.  It was really nice, later there was this tea sort of thing we all went to.  We left the school about 1:30 and got back about 4:00 that afternoon.

Hi! (again) all the classes went really well today with the students as teachers.  Today in the mail I got my pictures, which are included with this letter.  They all turned out pretty good, don't you think?  Be sure to show them to Grandma and Granddad, OK?  I sent off to the Direct Mail photo place in Pittsburgh Monday morning and got the pictures today.  I had to send $1.40 with my used film to pa for the developing and a new film.  do you think that is a very good deal?

This week-end they will be sending out "office bills."  I'm not sure how much mine will be I did buy two sweatshirts so it won't be what you would call low.  I just bought a grey sweatshirt – it is alot nicer than the white one for it doesn't get dirty so fast but the white were necessary for gym – etc., So!  I also put my Bible books on the bill, I hope this meets with your approval.

Well, better go, will write more later in week.


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