Monday, May 01, 2017

1967 Roberta's Postcard -May 9, 19 or 29

[Postmarked May 9, 19 or 29, 1967]

Dear family,

Hi!  Got post-card from Dad yesterday – thanks alot!

Last Sunday a United States Army Helicopter landed on front campus.  The driver of it just got back from Viet-Nam, and has a brother who is a senior here.

Did you get a thing about Wilmington College from me?  I have a bunch of other stuff about the Peace Corps but because of cost to send it and also the fact that I'll be home soon I'll just give it to you all Saturday.

Had a BIG letter from Aunt Mary yesterday.  I'll have to write her back soon!  Exams! (Ugh)

Love, Roberta

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