Wednesday, September 14, 2016

1976 GHU Hawaii postcard to MV -Sept.17

Hawaii Hula postcard -mailed 1976. Captioned: Kodak Hula Show - Hula dancers performing at popular Hula Show in Waikiki. 
1976 GHU Hawaii postcard to MV -Sept.17
"Aloha" – Thurs. eve. 8 oclock – Left the hotel Waikiki at 9 oclock AM took in the sights at the zoo which is near, ate lunch at Farrells + then on to take a boat cruise to Pearl Harbor returning by 3:30.  Then to a very nice mall going to the 2nd floor on an escalator w'chair + me.  It was with out steps & wide.  At Woolw. saw Wells j.ropes & jack sets.  Roberta surely got her exercise today.  She must have walked 5 miles or more.  Some of the streets have ramp approaches to go on pavements.  We get a car tomorrow to go a little further away from town.  Love, Grandma

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