Monday, September 12, 2016

1976 GHU Hawaii postcard -Sept.15

[postmarked 15 Sep 1976]

Wed, afternoon. On our way to Hawaii & getting along fine so far.  Glad to say the w.chair was delivery [sic] at C.'s home at 8 oclock last night along with walker.  The were delayed in Dal. Tex.  Roberta made reservation at a hotel for us & plan to rent a car tomorrow.  A number of people on this plane.  We had a good lunch for $2 supposingly [sic] but so far have not collected for same.  Since I always have twice as much as I really want R. ordered one & we divided.  It was just right for me so I imagine R. will want a big supper.  It was very damp this morning like a light rain but it seems as if it is a usual morning dew.  The sun is shining brightly.  (Have a nice room.  Time now 3:30 Haw. time.)

[in Roberta's handwriting] Hi – just had some diamond-head punch!  Employment agency wanted to know if I was interested in being a legal secretary – a quick no answer!

[back to GHU] Here we are in H. after a nice trip.  Called Lucille & her husband said she was in the hospital with ?  Evidently her mind & is not to have company.  I talked to her & she seemed normal to me but said she did not know when she would be home & was not allowed company.  Sorry.

Love, Mother.

R. is out to the pool.  Grand Waikiki Hotel.

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