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1976 Roberta's letter -Sep.25

Sept 25, 1976
Dear Family,

Hi – eating breakfast – or I should say waiting for our breakfast.

We both enjoyed Universal studios!  got there about 11:30 – left about 4:00 – to find out our luck at getting a motel.  I had made some calls from there – but no luck.  We got off the freeway at Sunset Blvd – 1st motel we came to we decided to stay – it's adequate – $17.00.

Tried time after time to call Leslie – no luck – did call Mary  – she is doing fine – likes school, etc.  She claims Calif. residency – so Junior College free – after Christmas when she is a Junior – she will have to pay $100.00 a semester.

I suppose by now you have heard my plans – to stay in San Diego.  The Joan of Arc place is nice – fairly modern – right downtown – very close to the park, the library, etc.  From the window of my room (3rd floor) I can see a law school.  They provide clean sheets once a week – also – clean your room up – but the rooms are so small – I don't see how in the world I'll have room to be messy!  I'll have a room w/ just running water – a private toilet is $10.00 more per month – a shower is $5 more per month.  I figure for $15.00 a month I can walk down the hall.  I'll have to pay $70.00 – after checking out the YWCA & 4 other boarding houses – this is by far the best deal.  They seem very nice there – alot of college girls – some my age working – others older –––

Please kindly do a reference for me – as a past Wells employee – have somebody sign it (whose last name is not Uible.)  It can be a very short thing – as Marian would say – they must be suspicious of me & my moral standards since I'm not Catholic!!

You can either send it directly to them – or to me c/o the Morgans.

I wrote Mr. Ream about giving a reference but then I never know when & if he will get around to it!

We plan today to go to the museum of science & industry – it sounds good & the price is right. (Free)  Universal studios costs $5.95 now – but they do give you alot for your money!

G'ma is holding up strong – so am I for that matter.  Dd you have to pay the bills – or what as to my foot?  I later went to a foot specialist connected w/ Doves hospital – I cracked a bone – nothing too much could be done – I wore an ace bandage & do so now and then.  Its perfectly fine though – it happened about a week before you all cam to the farm – but I just never took the time to be bothered as to going to get it checked out – please don't mention it to Grandma – I can do all the walking now I care to do – and it doesn't bother me.

We should be going – G'ma is waiting on me ––

Love, Berta

Joan of Arc Residence
1510 3rd Avenue
San Diego, Calif.  92101

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