Saturday, September 10, 2016

1976 GHU penny (9¢) postcard -Sept.14

[postmarked 14 Sep 1976, California]

Here we go & had a nice fruit drink, lunch in 1/2 hr.  The gate man put me on a front seat & the other one vacant.  I asked the St. if she had a stool or box, so she came forth with a metal box which is just the thing for my feet.  I noticed she took a couple of papers out of it & it had card games, etc. in side.  Lunch over – lettuce & egg salad, broiled stk (extra good), bake po., carrots, melon & strawb desert brd & butter.  Due in Dal in 10 min said to be on time. Leaving D 1:20 there time.  My what a walk changing planes it was quite a distance for the man to push me over carpet but he made a $1.  Believe it or not I am sitting in front row of the first class section.  Just 1 man & the Stewd just said no need for me to make the effort to go back where I was sitting in (front row) the other part.  I had been to rest room.  Now we drink again, so I will have a glass of g. ale, with peanuts which I didn't eat.  I have the same kind of stool with a pillow this time.  The clouds are just beautiful.  See Mts. leaving Tuc. 2:10 Calif. time 30 min stay.  Approaching San D. 3:10 Roberta is here.  Everyone all right we have my suitcase & box but walker & wheel c ––? so I have asked a porter to go look.  Well coming up to-night Hopefully –

Love, Mother

Sone one has lost their dog & several other complaints.  They are loaning me a chair & say they will deliver my W. & C. to the door, to night.

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