Tuesday, September 20, 2016

1976 GHU Pali Hawaii postcard -Sep.21

Nuuanu Pali Hawaii postcard -mailed 1976. Captioned: THE VIEW FRON THE PALI lookout is beautifully breathtaking. The area has a historical background.  When King Kamehameha invaded Oahu- fought the defending army up the valley, and destroyed most – over the cliffs (Pali). 

Sept. 21 [1976] Mon. – R. went to Laundry M. first thing this morning then back & we ate the last of a pineapple we cut yesterday that Ito gave us.  Sure was good.  It was nice to receive your letter this forenoon after returning from a walk to the Aquarium where we found a sign Closed Mons.  Walking back R. took several pictures & we ate lunch in the Ja.-Resta - located on the 2nd floor in the Hotel.  Food good & beautiful surroundings.  We were the only foreigners but that didn't bother us.  R. likes the sun but I could do with less as it is extremely hot about noon time.  I have started to straighten up my suitcase as we have plans for tomorrow & then leave Wed. for San D. [Diego]

Love, Mother

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