Friday, September 30, 2016

1976 GHU Stanford University postcard -Sep.27

Stanford University postcard -mailed 1976. Caption: Memorial Church.  The Quadrangle from Hoover Tower.  Hoover Tower.

Mon. evening [Sept. 27, 1976]
Arr. in P.Al [Palo Alto] at noon & drove around & visited the Hoover Bldg. The Tower not open this week.  Have a nice Motel No. 6 large room good for my chair.  We plan to leave for San Fran. tomorrow morning & may spend two days there.  Roberta tried to call Leslie again this evening & no answer.  They must be on a trip.  She got several good things to eat at the grocery & we stopped at a road side stand today & got a few apples, peaches, muskmelon, papaya.  The apples are very good peach fine & melon very good which we ate for supper as we had a late dinner.  Even with all the Mts. there seems to be a lot of good land for farms for a change.  R. plays cards & I still enjoy reading the daily papers when we buy one.  Bed time we have a TV which is good.  We watched the Little Girl >House< on Prairie.  Love, Mother

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