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1976 Roberta's Letter from Hawaii -Sept.20

Sept 20, 1976
Dear Family,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter today – sure surprised G'ma – got here in good time!  We've really enjoyed Hawaii – now I know why you like it so much Mother.  On my way back from my big trip next fall (departure date) I'd like to spend some time here – money willing.

At 1st G'ma didn't see how we could spend a week here – especially after we got the news about Lucille – but time has flown by – and we'll be leaving day after tomorrow.  We've had some busy days – leaving the hotel at 8:00 AM – arriving back late afternoon – but then other days we have taken it easy.

Yesterday afternoon after lunch – I went out & rented a Mo-ped – one of those simple to operate motorized bikes – you are supposed to be able to go 200 miles on 1st tank and 175 miles on reserve tank – and supposedly both tanks full when you rent it.  (free gas - free mileage says the ad) Well – I went 27 miles – funny noises started then nothing at all – after investigating & sticking a comb down both gas tanks I soon knew what the problem was.  So I pedaled back to the station I had seen & got the proper mixture – then was back on the road.  Really enjoyed the afternoon – top speed almost 40 mph.  I went way up into some small mountains – saw some beautiful homes – shopping centers, gardens, etc.  I swear there are as many McDonalds here as there are in Ohio!  (per square mile – maybe more!)

I got a good tan yesterday – right now I'm out by the hotel's pool – but an overcast day.

As to Lucille – problem seems to be mental – Ito showed me about 40 pages of various stuff – including court papers he had to get to get someone to come & take her to the hospital..  Guess she refused to eat – kept saying her mother was calling her.  Kept saying that she would be healed – if necessary through the church.

For the past 3.5 weeks she has been undergoing treatment at a hospital near here.  She is not allowed company but G'ma has talked to her several times by phone & she sounds good.

Tomorrow we plan to rent a car – go out & pick up pineapple – also see Poly. Cultural Center,  I'm going to check out the possibility of perhaps renting a medium size car – and then on Wednesday I could drive us to the airport and then leave it three.  We had a small Datsun before.

We've eaten at all kinds of places – never the same place twice.  At at Woolworths.  There is a Victorian Station here – (Ruhl Road Las [?]).  today we ate at the Japanese Rest. here at the hotel we were the only non-Japanese.  I had to ask for silver – sticks on the table.  (Wooden kind – G'ma took them for a souvenir!  All the girls had on their little Japanese dress – pillow type deal in the back.

I think G'm told you about the 2 girls I met on the plane – here w/ their mother.  Have gotten together w/ them several times – just to talk – walk along side the beach & hear the entertainment most people pay $15.00 to hear!  One is a nurse – other one works in a Life Insurance Company.  (Funny combination - huh?)  Very nice girls – 1 has been here 7 times – they are from San Diego – about 10 minutes from where Catherine lives.

I'm sure people in N. Vienna must think I have the life – vacationing 6 months out of the year – as they probably think this summer was a vacation!  Actually I'm pretty anxious to get back into the work routine so I'll have enough $ to travel next year.  I plan to call up my employment agency – see if anything exciting is up.  If it's an office job – I'd prefer to serve coffee & hamburgers, that is unless the pay is really dynamic.

We are just 1/2 block from the ocean – next time I'll stay at the YWCA – it's just blocks away from the shopping center – the shopping center is really nice – a brand new Penney's store just opened up recently.

We checked out the Hilton & Sheraton – there low floor – no view rooms come cheap!

I had on my Hudson Guild T-shirt yesterday & met someone from New Jersey.

No tan today – still overcast – but at least got a letter written – have been out of the habit.


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