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1976 Catherine's letter to John -Sep.24

Sept. 24, 1976
Dear John,

Hi!  Your letter was timed perfectly.  It arrived yesterday so Grandma and Roberta were able to read it before they left.  I started this letter while I was waiting for Gerry to pick me up at work on Friday afternoon but he came right after I started.  It is now Monday (my lunch hour) so I thought I'd write some more.

Roberta called this morning and said they were going into San Francisco today.  She said Grandma loves the sequoyia (sp?) trees.  The only thing she wants to see in S.F. is the Golden Gate Bridge so I don't know how long they will be there.  Then they're going to come back down the coast & Grandma will fly home from L.A. or San Diego.  I think Roberta is going to try to find a job here.

We got some new furniture.  It was delivered Saturday.  We got a really nice queen-size sofa bed, a coffee table and a lamp.  You'll have to come out to see us and try out the sofa bed.

We're going to the Padres vs. Red game tonight.  I hope the Padres can win a few more games so they don't end up in last place.  Right now they're only 1/2 game ahead of last place Atlanta.

College doesn't sound too much different than it was when I went.  I think every school has its partying faction.  You may find that alot of the partiers won't be around too long.  I'm surprised that they still have fraternities.  That has become a thing of the past in some smaller schools.

Well, John, have a good birthday.  Sorry that we don't have $5000.00 extra to send for your car.

Catherine & Gerry

PS  Write us again soon!

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