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1976 Catherine's Letter -Sep.6

Monday evening, Labor Day
September 6, 1976

Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  How are the tennis pros?  It was a surprise to get your phone call Saturday, but good to talk to you.  The phone rates here are alot lower than in Maine so we feel like we are getting a bargain when we call long distance.

I'm only sorry that the Hortons didn't arrive before you called so we could have thanked you for all the dishes, the silverware, and the things from Greece.  I always thought that China was pretty and we can certainly make good use of it.  And the silverware is really a nice set.  I couldn't imagine what you had put in such a small box that was so heavy.  It didn't occur to me that it was what it said on the box until after I opened it.  Deedee was here when the Hortons came so she helped me unwrap it all and put it away.  We went to a Mexican restaurant with them which is just down the street from us.  Joe and Rob seemed to enjoy it –– we all got something different so they got to try a little of everything.  Aunt Mary had a cheeseburger.  Then Sunday morning Joe, Rob & Gerry played tennis while Aunt Mary, Deedee and I did their laundry.  Then we had breakfast using our new dishes and silverware.  The three of them make a strange traveling group.  I think Rob would have been happier to fly back to Florida.  Joe wanted to go to the Grand Canyon and to Tucson so I'm not sure where they headed from here.  Rob was going to drive and Joe was going to figure out a plan.

We're looking forward to Roberta's coming.  I hope she will be able to spend a few days.  She will need a rest before heading back east.  I will try to enclose a map so that she will be able to get to our apartment.  If she has already left before this letter arrives then she can call for directions.  I hope she has the number though because we have heard from two people now that when they tried to get our number from information they were informed that we didn't have a telephone.  We don't have an unlisted number so I suppose we may have to straighten the phone company out.  The billing dept. knows that we have a telephone.

We went to the Padres game this afternoon (it started at 5:40).  It was broadcast nationally on ABC.  It was the first Padres game to be on national TV since 1969.  Unfortunately, they lost to the Dodgers 4-1.  The only run they got was a home run by a pinch hitter in the 9th inning.  We only live about 3 or 4 miles from the stadium so it is no trouble at all to go to the games.  They seem to have the traffic pretty well controlled too, so that we were home about 15 minutes after the game.  They had fireworks tonight to celebrate the holiday.

Please send us John's address so that we could drop him a note.

Well, I have some other letters to answer.  Hope to hear form you soon.  Tell Grandma I will be answering her letter soon and tell Mary Virginia she owes us one.

Love, Gerry & Catherine

P.S. Thanks for the stamps.

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