Thursday, September 22, 2016

1976 Roberta's Equestrian postcard -Sep.23

Equestrian Beauties postcard -mailed 1976 

9/23 [1976]
Morgans met us – loaded all of stuff – and took us to Motel 7 – then I went back w/ them – ate Mexican food – then picked up Buick – nice to have a good size of car again!  Now at San Diego Wild Animal Park – took 50 minute monorail ride – now watching bird show.  We're eating out tonight – Morgans, Dee-dee, us two & then tomorrow start North – eating at Anthony's Fish place.  We got your letter & will check Palo Alto for mail – Very overcast day – maybe Hawaii spoiled me – warm there – but always nice breeze!
Love, Berta

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