Friday, September 09, 2016

1976 Roberta's Letter -Sept.11

[Return address of 4025 Cherokee, Apt. Y, San Diego – Catherine & Gerry's address.  Evidently per later correspondence, GHU is flying to California and then she and Roberta will go on to Hawaii.]


Hi!  This is the job I'm checking out – Arizona too dry for me but could be OK maybe for a cactus.  Marian sure doesn't have any tight blood in her – took us out to dinner – then went & filled up the Buick w/ gasoline – gave me a bike she had never used.  I've been using it here – It's Sears Best – 10 speed.  She told me if the Buick clunks out – then I'll still have wheels!

I might even check out the jobs in Hawaii – one never knows.

Catherine & Gerry seem very happy – "thick as thieves" –

Trip out a good one – in Iowa – car got complete tune-up Etc., – got 19 mpg after that!  Spent less than $70.00 (total) on gas – counting free gas we got in Iowa, Arizona and 1 time gas was 72.9 – I asked for $3.00 – Mary starts talking to attendant – all of a sudden $8.22 gas in tank.  I said I meant $3.00 – so got $5.22 gas bonus – cheapest gas after all!!

Waikiki Grand Hotel $21.00 – night, 134 Kapahula Ave., Honolulu, Hawaii.

Everything under control – we'll get along fine – never dreamed I'd get there!  Will drop you a card ––


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