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1976 Roberta's Letter from Hawaii -Sept.22

Sept 22, 1976

Dear Family,

We're "enroute" to the mainland – it was a fast week.  I'll be back – Hawaii is nice in that its got a charm & culture of its own – yet it takes good old U.S. $ – postage stamps – and no problem w/ English (that is if you can understand English w/ a Japanese twist to it!

Yesterday was one of the biggest days – we left the hotel at 8:00 AM, walked along the beach, ate breakfast, then headed to the Kodak show – have you ever seen it?  Its the best buy for your $ (it's free) – but with all the picture taking & film selling that goes on there – they could afford to pay people to come!  It was an excellent program – started 40 years ago – and still has alot of the original group (one woman 83 years old – you should see her do the hula).  We got to sit up w/ the hot shots – the visiting Kodak executives – At the half time they presented G'ma with a beautiful flower lei (sp?).

After rain started (a passing shower that took about 2 hours to pass) I went & got the car – another Datsun.  The girls who I met on the plane came w/ us – to Ito's 1st.  He was upset because I had not told him they were coming – he said he didn't have any gifts for them – and could have gotten the free tickets to the performance at the Poly. Culture Center.  Well – our tickets he was getting through someone were not there yet – so we left for the Mormon Temple & he went to check out the tickets.

When we got back Ito's friend was in the process of making 2 hats for Flo & Doris – and Ito had gotten 4 complimentary employee tickets for the evening program – which "retail" at $6.75 – We picked up 2 boxes of pineapple – I had given Ito $ to buy G'ma a box – and told him I would deliver a box to the Doctor he had worked for in Portland (never know – might be a good contact – HA!)

The Poly. Center was very good – cost us each $4.25 to get in – we took the walking tour of the grounds – was glad that Doris & Flo came because they helped alot w/ the chair etc., also good company.  The walking tour took 2.5 hours – showed how to break a coconut in 2 easy steps, how to make Poi, weave mats – etc., etc. –– Also different types of dances from different countries.  The Culture Center is also run by the Mormons – all employees are students – working to help pay their way.  The students come from the different countries in the Pacific – including New Zealand.  While we were there a man made G'ma a little bird out of coconut leaf – or palm –

The program that night was good – but I'm glad we didn't have to pay – alot of war type dances of days gone by.  Beautiful lighting – a mountain & waterfalls.  We left early to beat the crowd – and also so we could be back by 11:00 pm!

This morning I loaded the Datsun to the top capacity – 2 boxes of pineapple, 8 each – 2 suitcases, 1 box of misc. stuff, 1 bag same type – and a walker & wheelchair – and drove G'ma to the airport.  Left her there about 9:45 – after checkin in baggage.  I drove the car back to the city – returned it – then paid 25¢ to get back to the airport via public bus.  Had to wait about 15 minutes for right bus – got back to the airport by 11:10 – we went to our gate – about 10 minutes after we got there we got loaded.  Plane left at 1:05.

As to mail – continue to use Morgans address – I'll give them addresses to forward it on – We'll be leaving for LA on Friday – Want to give G'ma time to rest up – We had very few lazy days in the last week!  G'ma has surprised me a few times – paid $4.00 for a pair of ear-rings – has collected fancy match book covers – had me buy her 12 oz of Macadamia (sp?) nuts for $3.99  Now what do you think of that?  Maybe after paying the $ to come over – she is willing to pay the price of the nuts!

I guess I've been pretty lazy about writing – I always see G'ma writing so at least you are hearing from 1 of us.  I just let her take care of the correspondence.  I think she has had a really good time. –

Love ––

P.S. You know me & free stationery – between the airlines & hotel – I'm stocked up for awhile!

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