Saturday, September 17, 2016

1976 GHU's Hawaii papaya postcard -Sep.19

Hawaii papaya postcard -mailed 1976.  Caption: PAPAYA BLOSSOMS AND FRUIT.  This delicious tropical fruit grows everywhere in the Islands and bears fruit the year around. 
Sun. Sept. 19 [1976]
Hardly seems like Sun., as you walk along many shops are open & many people dressed for the beach.  We even attended service given on the beach in front of the Hotel Hilton which is a beautiful place inside & out.  A minister Bob Turnbull from Calif. spoke dressed in shorts & sport shirt.  Solos by man & lady.  We ate dinner at the Surfboard Hotel which was near.  The prices suited us better, rather than the Hilton.  Roberta is out bike riding & I took a nap & did a little reading for a change.  We saw a field of Pa's [Papaya's] growing but if you order a serving a 1/2 small for breakfast 75¢.  We are both fine.  This change of time still gets me awake too early.
Love, Mother

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