Thursday, September 15, 2016

1986 Roberta's letter to GHU -Sept.16

Dear Grandma,

I'm getting ready to go out with my bike class.  We are going to ride about 20 miles – it's called a training ride!  The conditioning rides are between 40 to 60 miles each!

You don't lose weight (at least I don't) riding my bike – but I sure can eat more & not gain weight!  And of course –– you know how I like to eat!

Did I tell you I had a nice note from Ellen [GHU's niece, Ellen Mitchell Lippman,]  & Cy Lippman?  I can't find it now – but I also got a letter from Velma GcGrew – I usually send her postcards when we travel.  I remember down in Lake Worth seeing her bike – wasn't it a wheeler – with 2 wheels in the back?

I'm now back from my bike ride – Have just had a big glass of diet pop & have to admit it feels good to be in a comfortable chair!

I had a letter from Dad & Mom this last week – I always enjoy getting caught up on everyone's life.  I sure feel bad about Serena's broken leg.  I practically cry when I stub my toe – so I can't imagine going thru everything she has had to go thru with both legs!

It's about time for me to go to Senior Village – check in our new employee – Paige.  Isn't than an unusual name?

See you Sept. 23rd – I'm hoping that it won't be too cold for me – this early in the fall.  If you (or someone else) didn't get your manicure coupon – I'll use it!   My nails are growing back – they are such healthy nails!
Love, Roberta

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