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1976 Catherine's Letter -Sept.15

Sept. 15, 1976

Dear Mom, Dad & Ro Mary Virginia,

Well, we certainly appreciated getting all the news and garden produce from Ohio.  It was good having Roberta around for a few days.  I don't know if she will be returning to San Diego or not.

Roberta sold the hair dryer to a used furn. & appliance store for $2.50.  We may go the same route on the organ.  Thanks also for the salad bowls, I kept 6 of them and sent 6 on with Roberta & G'ma to give to Lucille from you.  Hope that is OK.

Gma's wheelchair and walker were left in Dallas but they arrived (at our apartment) last evening about 6 hours later.  Grandma didn't seem too tired considering the three hour time change.  She & Roberta were at odds as to how long to stay in Hawaii.  Roberta got return tickets for 9/22 but G'ma thought 3 days would be enough.

Thanks for sending the letter from John.  Actually this is just a note to be enclosed when I return John's letter.  Seems like we've been talking to you so often that I really can't think of much news.

We bought baseball tickets for 9/29 Padres vs Cincinnati Reds which is one of the Padres last games.  We were hoping they would end in 3rd place but now it looks like they might not even be able to hold 4th place.

Well, write to us soon!

Catherine & Gerry

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