Saturday, November 21, 2015

1985 Roberta's Letter to GHU -Nov.

[Undated, but approximately Nov. 20, 1985]

Dear Grandma,

It is raining real hard outside & there is lots of water in the street out front even more than when you left 2 weeks ago!  I bundle all up – with mittens & hat when I go out now – it's that windy – chilly weather!  The interesting thing is Saturday Afternoon it got up to 75ยบ & I was outside reading my nutrition textbook in my swimming suit!

We just about have the news letter done – you should get it before you leave for Florida.  I talked with Aunt Mary – sure feel bad for Cris & Angela.

I had a typed letter from Wendy yesterday.  It was pretty short (about 6 lines!) but well done.

We bought a turkey at 19¢ per pound (got $50.00 worth of groceries at same time) or turkey would have been 29¢!  We are going to eat out that day – but will have the turkey when the family is here.  Please give article to Mom & Dad.

Love, Roberta

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