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1965 Serena's Florida Letter -Nov.28

Nov. 28, 1965
Lake Worth, Fla.
Dear Everybody,

I have been to one Girl Scout Meeting and looking forward to tomorrows meeting.  At the last meeting we played a game that we played at my last meeting in New Vienna.  We learned how to build foundation fires, a Tepee fire and  Crisscross fire.

I went to a football game Wednesday night.  It was with Seacrest and the score was Lakeworth: 12 Seacrest: 7.  We were right beside the rooters (mostly Lake Worth because cheer leaders were near us.  But the football players were so far away it wasnt funny.

Guess what? I am Mary in a Christmas play, Cris is a storekeeper & Aunt Mary is a teacher (in school) (in a play).  And Joseph is a boy (of course) but any way he is pathetic.  He blows bubbles with his bubble gum all the time is ready to drive everybody nuts espasally [sic] me even the director (John Murphy) is ready to go nuts.  Pathetic.

So far I've been swimming four times.  You already know about the first two so I'll tell you about the last two.  Friday was the first day it wasn't worth it (I don't think so, Aunt Mary doesn't think so.)  One reason I couldn't go swimming second reason is we got tar all over us (it was all over the beach).  Saturday I had a ball the waves were just right and you didn't have to get out to far to get to the waves before they broke.

Your daughter or sister,
Serena (Uible)

Mary V. – Ga Ga Ga Ga
Dad – Adress [sic] Book??
John – Cub Scouts??
Catherine – Pete??
Roberta – How's My work??
Mom – Transportation for G.S.?? & Say hi! to Mrs. Harner.

P.P.S.S. I'm expecting (a baby) [as Mary in the Christmas play]
P.P.P.S.S.S ROBERTA - _I  am not a it even though you are.

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