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1905 Nat to Lucie letter - Nov.7

1905 Nat to Lucie letter - Nov. 7, 1905 – Nathaniel Ballantyne to his future wife, Lucie Brown

Home, Nov 7 '05 [1905]
My Dear Lucie,

Was so disappointed in not getting a letter from you this morning.  Felt it more so on account of it being Tuesday morning and your Sunday letter should have come and now am looking forward to tomorrow and hope I'll not be disappointed.  Will I.

Have had quite a day to day.  First this morning Mr. Gaillard called on me and we had quite a nice little chat.  He told me all about his troubles with the Judge C. and you have no idea what a Crank he is.  Mr. G stated he wouldnt be a tool [?] for him any longer and told him so. and said he would resign from the Committees.  (You understand the Porcelain business) and told the Judge I was the man to take charge and for him to take all matters up with me in the future.  This was certainly unexpected by me to come from Mr. Gaillard, but he meant it and I think I can handle the Judge O.K.  This is what we have wanted all along.  We are getting along fine considering all or have had to go on and our mail is the heaviest of any of the firms here.  We get a big bunch every mail and from any state and even Mexico & Canada.

And then we had a meeting of the Trustees & Directors this afternoon and had quite a time over it too.  Do not know whether I told you or not but Walmer [?] has been trying to force me out and when he tried to show his hand today I succeeded in showing the gentleman up and he resigned so in the future do not think he will try to work anymore games of his on me.  I was sure that everything comes out alright in the end so am feeling quite good over it.

I want Bert to go on the Board if he will and every body on the Board is agreeable so think he will do it.

Now Lucie theres nothing much new.  Suppose you know Kartryn [?] Robb is sick.  Saw Ester yesterday and she said she was a little better but not able to be up yet.  Am sorry for Kate but she hasnt looked well for sometime.  Was in Wheeling and called to see about the gloves and they do not seem to have what you want. but I saw something else in Pgh Saturday that I think would please you and I believe I will send one down to you and the gloves we can arrange for later on.

Now must say good bye as I have to go so write me at once or when convenient for you and I will tell you more news on Sunday.  Hoping you are enjoying yourself and with much love I am

Yours affectionately,          
Excuse this as I have no fire and am half frozen.

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