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1975 Roberta's India Letter -Nov.24

Nov. 24, 1975
Dear Grandma,

Hi!  Yesterday was the BIG wedding – it was quite an occasion.  The festivities started about 9:00 AM and when I left at 10:00 PM – they were still going on.  The ceremony itself lasted about 2 hours!  It was all very beautiful – the dresses the women wore were so colorful – there were flowers everywhere.  Two bands played and there must have been hundred of people there I was the only NON-INDIAN and was treated like royalty.

I met many people there – a lawyer, accountant, insurance man, etc. – all from Calcutta.  They lead a very different life than the people you see living out on the street!  I've seen poverty beyond belief here in Calcutta.

Tonight I leave for Darjeeling – it is suppose to be very beautiful there – but COLD!

So far the only thing I miss and wish I had brought with me are American safety pins.  As to the Indian ones – you are lucky if you can use them one time.

My health continues to be excellent.  I've seen some things that nearly made me sick – but as for food & drink – I'm A-ok.  I've eaten less since I left but more starch.  Yesterday at the wedding there was so much food – it seems in India either you starve or you eat good!

I've seen very few American here in Calcutta – there are some pretty things here – Victoria Memorial, Gardens, etc.  We saw some beautiful temples too.  At the temple you always see the Indian people giving sacrifices to their gods – i.e. – fruit, $, flowers.  You always have to take off your shoes.  My socks will never be the same color again!

At the Y.W.C.A. you just have hot water from 6:00 to 9:00 AM.  In the afternoon you are lucky to get cold water!

I guess you will be leaving soon for Florida.  I wish you a safe trip down, and my greetings to the Hortons.  There are palm trees here – weather up in the 80's – my long pants get hot but women here don't show their legs!

Drop me a line in Bombay – I'll be there through Christmas – at least.

Hope all is well ––

Love, Berta

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