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1975 Roberta's enroute to India Letter to GHU -Nov.14

Nov. 14, 1975
Dear Grandma,

Am now in Frankfort – Germany at the airport.  Have been here 4 hours – was too foggy to land in London.  We have been told we will be here about 2 hours longer – but I imagine it will be longer.

So far everything is behind schedule.  We were suppose to leave New York at 8:45 – but didn't get up in the air till 10:30!  But did have a good flight here – all the seats were full.  I met a girl at the airport who I sat on the plane with.  Ask the family about her – she is quite a character!  She is going to India to study w/her teacher – a spiritualist or something of the sort.

This airport is very modern – we were just served our lunch here.  We had roast beef, peas & carrots, salad & sauerkraut. (purple colored cabbage)  We hope to have supper on the plane –

The meals on the plane have been good.  It was just after 11:30 PM last night when I was served my supper.  Then at 4:30 AM our time we were served breakfast.  That is putting your meals pretty close together!

There are a group of doctors on the flight w/ us.  They all walk around w/ their noses up in the air.  They were supposed to fly 1st class but because of all the computer problems in N.Y.C. they are stuck in with us.  Believe me – they are really complaining.

Also on the plane next to me is an Indian man from the Southern part of India.  He has been in the U.S. 3 years working in a textile factory in Tennessee.  He is on his way home to pick up & move his wife and 5 year old son to Tennessee.

The plane has majority of Indian people – except for the doctors group I was talking about earlier.

Alot of the rich Indians have diamonds on the side of their nose.  Some of them had the biggest suitcases I had ever seen.

I packed some orange, apples & grapefruit in my carry-on – also some canned pop.  I'll make good use of them when I get to India.

Hope you are doing fine & I'll write my family upon arrival at Delhi.

Love, Berta

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Mary Crowson said...

Ah, the days when you had more freedom with your carry-on, including taking all the liquid you wanted!

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