Sunday, November 22, 2015

1972-75 Uible Guest Book

The pages below are scanned from a guest book that begins on April 3, 1948 – certainly an important date in family history – continues through May 1949, and then skips to 1972.  Is there another book for 1949-1972?  Perhaps it will emerge soon.  After 1972, various years are represented, but nothing from 1985 or 1995.  In 2005, there was an open house for Catherine's friends, members of the East Clinton Class of 1967.

These five pages include 6 languages – feel free to practice your language skills and send me the translations!  Visitors included the Goodings, Angela (exchange student), Hiroko Suzuki (Japanese), Dr. Otterland (Swedish Dr. who briefly practiced in New Vienna), Lena Greene (Nashville) & Pearlie Mayfield, Jane Burnette & Anne Stewart, Arch & Janis Henderson Devel (Wyoming), Note about Serena leaving by bus to Kansans City to attend Park College, Blaine Ballantyne, Joe Horton (who writes in French?), Aunt Mary, and Lan Le – whose note on 1/1/76 in Korean (?) is also accompanied by a note written the next day in English and will be included in a future post, hopefully in the upcoming "6" year.

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