Wednesday, November 04, 2015

1985 Roberta's Letter - Nov.5

Dear Folks –

Welcome Back!  It's great to have you back in the USA!  Grandma is doing just fine – we are so glad to have her here for the visit.

We have sure appreciated your cards!  Tho anxious to hear more about your trip!

Today Sid had lots of errands to run for me – county hospital, downtown Library – etc.  He took G'ma with him – just for the ride.

We have had many successful shopping trip (for G'ma) –– new slippers, hearing aid batteries (official Beltone), bone shoe polish, hose, dress, flash light, etc.  Just have a few more items on the list.

The bed was too high for G'ma – so she has been sleeping on the Living Room Couch – makes for a spacious bedroom.

Enclosing some Halloween pictures – please note G'ma's shoes, etc.  I went punk!  Down to the fingernails!

Had scallops tonight for upper –G'ma is a good eater.  Had apricot pie for dessert.  We also have bought a good supply of dates (Calif., natural) to go back to N. Vienna.


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