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1975 Roberta's India Letter to GHU & Hortons -Nov.30

Nov. 30, 1975
Dear Grandma, Uncle Bill, Aunt Mary & Rob,

Hi!  So how does it feel to be back in the "sun shine state" again, Grandma?  It is hard for me to believe that this time last year I was also there – struggling my way through school!

I've been in Calcutta for the last 2 days – will be going to Puri tonight at 8:00 pm & will get there tomorrow AM.  The trains here are very comfortable – but I cannot say that for the buses.  I went to Darjeeling & back on the bus.  Took 15 hours 1 way and the only padding under me was my own!

I'm staying now at the Salvation Army Youth Hostel for women.  It is very clean – well located just 2 blocks from the Oberoi-Grand.  Also there is a bath-tub here – all for $1.20 – which includes a good breakfast!

At 1st Calcutta was too much for me – the beggars haunted me & the city itself scared me – but now – and I even find this hard to believe I'm beginning to like it.  I've met many nice girls here at the hostel – also at the wedding I met alot of people so I've been busy visiting them – etc.  I'm getting good at riding the tram.  Only 20p. (about 3 cents).

Last night a man – father of man I met – read my palm – he said I would marry at age 33 – will have 3 children – the 1st will die at birth.  That I will have a very successful career but that I'll never be rich because I spend too much.  (THAT'S TRUE) Well – at least I didn't have to pay for it.

Please write me in Bombay – I'll be there 13th of Dec. to Christmas.  I'd appreciate it if you would send me U.S. stamps – to give to people I meet here.

I'm learning some Hindi ––

Hello to John M & Aunt Sarah –

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