Sunday, November 15, 2015

1975 Roberta's India Letter -Nov.15

Dear Family,

Hi!  I send you greetings from India – my plane finally made it here – only 6½ hours late.  Then I took a coach to here – it's a nice place – and should be as I'm paying $5.50 per night for simple room & breakfast!  My room is on the 4th floor – no elevator!  I have a balcony & am right next to the ladies room.  In the room next to me is an Australian couple – they just got back from Kashmir – said the scenery was beautiful but food terrible.  Couple in their 60's!

So far here I took a shower & then walked to the post office to buy stamps.  Cars are driven on left right left side of road – there are no pedestrian crossings and crossing a road is quite an accomplishment.  There are lots of motorbikes, rickshaws, some cars & many bikes on the road.

Tomorrow I am to go to Old Delhi & also Church in the morning w/ the Australian couple.

The airport was full of birds – inside the building.  Outside I was greeted by many beggars.  I couldn't help but watch the woman in Red w/ the doctors group.  Surely you remember her.

Almost all women are in sari's – very pretty & must be cooler than my pants.  It's hot here – hope you all made it home safely – thanks for the good time in N.Y. and the send off.  There are alot of bugs here but I'm doing fine.

Love, Berta                            

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