Thursday, November 05, 2015

1985 Roberta's Letter -Nov.5

Dear Folks,

Before I forget -- sending back with Grandma a red fabric type suitcase with some black trim, and tan straps.  Good luck in finding it without too much trouble on the luggage go-around.

We had a storm last night -- lots of rain and thunder.  Both of the phone lines are out this A.M.  It's all of 5:30 right now.

Grandma's sore spot is somewhat better, tho it concerns me since there is an opening in the skin -- that has increased in size.  The good news is that the size of the hard area has gone down and the amount of bleeding is also down.  I have talked to two nurses and they both felt that a Doctor should see it -- in case there is infection in the area now.

I have my third nutrition test tomorrow night.  Actually only my second one -- since I missed the first one while in Ohio.  Think I told you all that I didn't take it.  The first week back I was ready to take the test and the teacher didn't have it with her.  Then the next week she had the test and I had had a very crazy day here at Senior Village so asked if I could possibly take it another time.  Then she told me she felt like I had such a grasp of the material that I didn't have to take it.  That sure put the pressure on for the next test.  Luckily, came through with a decent score on it -- one point from an A.

The time the test is on digestion and metabolism  I'll plan on studying tomorrow afternoon.

We have had a new lady move in -- in fact she got here the same day Grandma arrived.  She hasn't stopped complaining since she got here -- usually about some ache or pain.  Last night she had two themes -- one was chest pains and the other one was she thought her head would burst open.  Before coming here she had MANY Emergency room visits and had gone to alot of different doctors, but none could find anything medically wrong with her.  Grandma can tell you more about Margarite.

Again welcome back -- and we are sure anxious to hear more about your trip!!  Did you do any shopping while in India??  You folks will have to plan another trip next fall so Grandma has the excuse to come out again to visit us.  Did we tell you we just turned the front room (living room) into her bedroom.  She slept on the couch -- and that was just about the right height.  Also the room was plenty big.  We never use the room, so glad to put the room to good use.

We had the excuse to eat lots of things we don't eat everyday --- tho I must admit we do eat well.  (perhaps too well -- or good)  The only meal that was a complete disaster as to taste was the scallops -- just ask Grandma.

*It's time for me to motivate.  I didn't mean to put in that star!!!  We sure enjoyed having Grandma here.


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