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1905 Nat to Lucie letter - Nov.13

The following letter was mailed from New Cumberland, WV, postmarked 4PM Nov. 13, 1905 addressed to Miss Lucie Sara Brown c/o Marshall College Huntington WV.  In 1900 Nat was living with his younger brother, James, his mother Irene (Freeman) Ballantyne and James' wife, Maude.  Their residence was in the Clay District, Ridge Ave., of New Cumberland.
1905 Nat to Lucie letter p.1 - Nov.13, 1905 – Nathaniel Ballantyne to his future wife, Lucie Brown
1905 Nat to Lucie letter p.1a - Nov.13, 1905
1905 Nat to Lucie letter p.2 - Nov.13, 1905
1905 Nat to Lucie letter p.2a - Nov.13, 1905
1905 Nat to Lucie letter p.3 & 3b - Nov.13, 1905
1905 Nat to Lucie letter p.3a - Nov.13, 1905
Home. 11/13/05 [1905]
My Dear Lucie,

Will now be as good as my word and write to you to day as I promised you in my last to you.  Your letter came the next morning after I had mailed you mine and I'll forgive you for not answering sooner for you must have your hand full these days. and that investigation is surely a strain too, especially when you are compelled to take an active part in detecting her.

Well Lucie this last week has been quite an exciting one for the people here and both Bert and myself have held our own and feel quite elated on the way matters have turned out for both of us.  The trial was very exciting and Bert did himself proud and conducted the trial as one of years experience.  You have received the papers though (The Friday Daily Independent [currently not available online]) and it gave a detailed account of it.  But you should have seen Frank Huff on the stand.  He was certainly dramatic at times and the gestures and expressions were something that would be hard to imitate [page 1a] on the stage.  At times he would get up in the chair and go through this little speech (which it seems he had down perfect) that would cause the whole Audience in the Court room to howl with laughter.  The Court room was crowded and to think the excitement here was equal to the Baxter [?] trial while it lasted.  So you see Bert is certainly getting his hand in right at the start.  Your father was there a great deal too and he seemed so pleased to see Bert do so well.  Lucie Your father has so much better color and he seems to e improving.  He is so determined too and so many people remark that they believe he is going to get well I think myself too that with such a determination as he has and such vitality he will.  He certainly enjoys the horse and buggy.  Now mustnt forget to tell you about myself too.  Believe I did mention to you that some of them here wanted to get me to resign and quit my position up to someone else here at the Bank.
well I wouldnt do it and at our meeting Mr. Bymer [?] congratulated me on the showing we had made.  [page 2] and said he was very well satisfied for to continue as we had been with the same officers so we elected the same over again.  And then we have had so much contention at the Porcelain Works too. and if my scheme works out OK then we will get full charge of it too later on.

Yes we are having quite a time with the Auto where the roads are fit to go out in it.  The folks went to Lisbon and got caught in the mud and had to leave it in Wellsville.  [Wellsville Ohio is about 17 miles  NE of New Cumberland, via East Liverpool.]  Mac and I went after it yesterday and brought it home and we had quite a time riding out twice last night.  They have a friend visiting their a Mrs. Foster [?] from Allegheny not very pretty but a bright girl and we all enjoyed it immensely.  This morning they went to church and Mac and I cleaned it up and it is quite a job.  Was just covered with mud from the Lisbon trip.  After dinner we went to Toronto [Ohio, across the river from NC but 19 miles via the road through Steubenville] and back to Island Creek on the Pike and the roads were fine.  While we enjoyed it and had a fine time often wished that you were along and its too bad you are away just when we are getting initiated.  However am going to have our next [indecipherable] so we will have some rides and some good big ones too.  This was a fine day so much like the day we were enjoying the Drive in Huntington.  How could I help it but think of you so much today. and its [page 2a] six long weeks until you are home too.  So you are intending to visit Mrs. Martin in Parkersburg on Thanksgiving.  You will certainly have a fine time for its a fine town.  and you said you had your fortune told again.  Now why didn't you tell me what it was at least some of it any way.  I am going to see the Clairvoyant at Wellsburg some day when I'm down. but dont know whether I'll tell you about what she tells me or not for you never told me what your's was at Lisbon.  Did you

Say Lucie have heard some more about that little story Kartryn told she heard.  She didnt tell it all.  It seems who ever told it in Toronto gave the impression that I couldnt decide between you and Kartryn.  Now did it ever occur to you that Kate was mixed up with me or with us.  Havent seen her yet for she has been sick as you have heard and if she heard it all she should have told us.  Dont you think so. probably she has told you but I never knew anything until yesterday when I called up on the phone while at Mac's works at Enterprise [?] and the first thing Kate Liggett said, was, that she heard I was to be married.  Said at first [page 3] that it was to you but afterwards stated she heard I was undecided.

Now has it ever appeared to you that any other was baiting me Not for a moment has it entered my mind, but you Know how people get concerned.  I laughed it off and said that was what was the matter.  So many are included on my list and she along with the rest that I couldn't decide.  So she's none the wiser.

The boys gave a dance at the old Swan Hall on Friday eve and they had quite a nice little dance too.  Of course Harry Smith played for them and his timing is something awful at times.  Lara Hill [page 3a] was down and Mrs. Plattenberg invited me to go and of course you know I wouldn't refuse.  She has been making quite frequent trips here of late.  She says her folks are away in Canada and she is visiting among her friends.

Well Lucie their isn't much new here.  Miss McMavern [?] & Rhea were in town today Understand that a go.  soon

Yes needed my tutor for the party at the Fortnightly and am sure I'd have won the prize.  Well, we will have another one when you come home and will look forward to winning then.  Am also looking forward to winning the prize of my life then.  Surely I won't be disappointed Will I?  Now my dearest must say good bye for am billed for Church to night as I missed it this morning so write me soon or when is convenient, or sooner if you can, for you.  Remember me to Mrs. Martin.

With much love I am
Affectionately Yours,
Expect to go to the City the last of the week so be on the lookout for a little package.  Give my regards to Missrs Harvey, Schon & Parson, when you see them.  That last name is so much like the same as the man who I'm having a law with with that it is hard for me to think of it as kindly as I might under different circumstances.  –Nat

 [page 3b] [further] P.S. Since writing you have just learned that Steel [the defendant in the trial] tried to commit suicide.  Bert thinks it his scheme to work the sympathy of the Judge before he is sentenced on Tuesday.  He has feigned insanity all along.

And by the way Lucie have a little Controversy with a Mr. Wm J. Harris of the Miller Supply Co. of Huntington on an arbitrary account and have been wondering if you have met the "Gentleman" or know who he is.  He seems so determined on us allowing a bill for brick we shipped them.  Its such a small account that I'm surprised he keeps following it up so long.  If you know him let me know what kind of a fellow he is as I didnt get to see him while down there.

Sat down at the Office so added a line or two before mailing.  What a grand night.  Makes one feel so lonesome.  The moon looks so much like the night we came in from Fairview.  Do you remember?  But can never be more beautiful. Good bye.  Yours –Nat

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