Wednesday, November 11, 2015

1964 or 1965 Fire on First St.

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1964 Fire guts New Vienna house -Jan.2

1965 Frump house after fire -First St. New Vienna, Ohio -CJU on far left

Since the photos were dated "November 1965" there was some difficulty in locating a clipping about the fire, which then indicated the pictures were actually taken 22 months prior to the date embedded on the photo.  Unless there were actually two fires – though according to the clipping the fire in January 1964 destroyed the house.  Another part of the mystery is that in the pictures the people  do not appear to be wearing heavy coats.  Second part of the mystery is that CJ Uible appears in one of the pictures.  Would he have been in Ohio in January of 1964??  Some of the trees have leaves, others do not.  In summary the Frump house which sat almost opposite the driveway of 66 College Street, did burn down and was replaced by a "modular" home that was not an improvement to the scene out the kitchen window.
1960 Jean in front of house on College St. wearing polka-dot dress, Frump house (prior to fire) in background

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