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1905 Background on Bert Brown & Murder Trial

In 1905 Bert Brown was Hancock County (West Virginia) Prosecuting Attorney.  The following clippings contain information about Brown – a poem plus details about one of his biggest cases.  This is background for an upcoming letter from Nat to Lucie.  Fans of the Ballantyne-Brown family history may remember that Robert Morrow "Bert" Brown, 1877-1946, was the older brother of Lucie Brown Ballantyne.
East Liverpool Ohio - Evening Review 24 Jan 1905 p.4

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

1905 Big trial for Prosecuting Attorney R.M. "Bert" Brown - Nov.7.  Upcoming trial for attempted murder of William and Frank Huff, to begin this week in New Cumberland, West Virginia.
East Liverpool Ohio - Evening Review - 7 Nov 1905 p5
The "Fairview" where this crime took place was one of nine places in West Virginia known by that name.  The pertinent Fairview, the one in Hancock County, has since changed the community name to New Manchester, and is about four miles north of New Cumberland.

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