Monday, November 23, 2015

1975 MV's Letter -Nov.23

Nov. 23, 1975
Dear Everybody, [Hortons, John, possibly Catherine, Roberta]

Hi!  I decided to write a letter, so here it is.  Chris [sic] called tonite to say that he would be here for Thanksgiving.  Sorry you people couldn't come to New Vienna.  In case you haven't noticed this is a carbon copy letter.  I'm sure you have hard of them.  Especially Aunt Mary. HA! HA!  Mom is writing one on the type-writer.

At school, the band is selling magazines. Grandma bought one called "Family Health."  The sale ends Tuesday and I will have sold aproximatily [sic] 16.  I'm not sure my name will be in the paper.  So don't count on it.

Grandma was up for lunch today for the last time this year.  It would be something if we had a big snowstorm the day she left.

Aunt Mary you ought to come up and buy Evelyn's family store out.  Everything is 50% off except the candy.

Tonight I am going down to Grandma's as Mom and Dad are going to a little town below Hillsboro to hear the Tom Salisbury's speak.

What is new in Exeter and Lake Worth?  About the only thing new around here is that Martins garage burned down.  And the Tom Salisbury's are home.

Well write soon!

Mary Va. (Uible)

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