Tuesday, November 17, 2015

1975 Roberta to GHU India Letter -Nov.17

WARM to HOT during the day – cools down at night – nice for sleeping.

Dear Grandma ––

Good morning – it's only 6:00 here but is is impossible to sleep past 5:30 or so here because then all the cleaning people go to work here.  The place is very clean.  The food also is good – break fast is "free" – which is Tea, toast, hot cereal, & eggs fixed however you want them.

I've met an awful lot of really nice Indian people.  2 Especially from Bombay staying here at the Y.M.C.A. for a conference on business mgt.  Dr. Shamara [?] got his doctorate at Penn State – Mrs. Mooz got here at Ohio State.  They both are professors in Bombay.  Last night we went to the Red Fort for what is called Sound & Sight show.  It only cost 1 Rupee (12¢)  and was it ever good – it told the history of India & at the same time lighting effects were used.  It (Red Fort) was built 1648!

I've been  very careful as to what I eat & so far no problems what so ever! I've been eating w/ my 2 friends from Bombay – also w/ an Australian couple whose missionary son & family are here from Decca.  Went to Church yesterday – Methodist hymnals were used – I felt right at home.

Today I'm taking a tour of New Delhi w/ some kids I've met here.  A couple (on 3rd month of honey moon) from Hawaii, boys from South Africa, and 2 Japanese boys.  We are an international group!

My bed is a cot – w/ very thin mattress.  Sheets & blanket were here so I use my sleeping bag as a pillow.  One was here – but it had no give to it at all.

Leave for Calcutta Wednesday night –

Greetings to my family –                            

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