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1982 Letter from Mom/Dad - Feb 27

1982 - MV & Mie Young are seniors at East Clinton, Serena is going to school in Chicago, Roberta has a fairly new job with a "senior village" in Mesa, Arizona; John's in Newark but still fairly new at Park National Bank, Catherine & Gerry are living in Madras, Oregon; Jean is school librarian at the (still old) New Vienna School; and HH is busy with being a Clinton County Commissioner, Wells and the law practice.  Transcription follows.

27-Feb-1982 Letter from Mom/Dad p.1
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27-Feb-1982 Letter from Mom/Dad p.2
Saturday, February 27, 1982

Dear Family:

Mary Virginia left this morning about 6:30 for Miami Univ. with some other students for their music tests.  The music keeps her BUSY, as they are singing at Sabina tomorrow night.  Dad went to the Church's Prayer Breakfast for men, which was also at 6:30 A.M. so our family had an early start today.

Mie Young is going this evening with some friends to see East Clinton play in the tournament at a school near Cincinnati.  EC did win first place in their league, so enthusiasm is high.

Thursday Mary Virginia and her Mother were at Wilmington College as it was Leadership Scholarship day.  It was an experience for MV to be considered for leadership and gave her an opportunity of getting around the campus.  Dad came out from the Court House for a half hour for lunch but the meal schedule did not mesh time wise for him.

Wednesday evening the two of us were invited to a dinner at the school for the Boy Scouts.  Clara Lynd (her son is quite active in Scouting as a leader) was there and we enjoyed visiting with her.  Gene Williams gave the program, which was about his different trips to Philmont Ranch in New Mexico, where John went in 1974, and Dad in 1972.  The pictures brought back memories that had escaped my memory.  We were introduced as the parents of John Uible, who got to the Eagle Rank at the youngest age.  [1972 – We'll be reading more about that in April.]  Some of the scouts talk to Dad about making an appointment for merit badge counseling, but never get around to it.  We all know that story.

Last Tuesday night we went to the Square Dance Class.  There is never a class night lesson that has a call that never "registered" with us before.  Class graduation is next week, yet we often wonder how we managed three years ago when we graduated.  Melva and Orville Harner were there, and Melba tires very easily.  The four of us signed up last fall to go back to Fontana next September, so it is questionable how it will turn out.

The tulips have poked thru the ground and the boys across the street are out in their short sleeved shirts ... so spring is in the air.  The girls are counting the days until their graduation comes.  No word yet on whether Mie Young's parents are coming or not.  She has also mentioned about her going home instead as another possibility.

Really surprised to get the pictures from Roberta with another dog – companion for Charlie – hope Toby works out and helps Charlie to adjust better.  Both are beautiful dogs – for the rest of you Toby is a red cocker spaniel – 8 week old pup who is able to hold his own with Charlie the Airedale.  Sorry that things haven't worked out for some of the residents at Senior Village but hopefully others will fill these vacancies and more too will come – the rest are so happy to be out of the nursing home environment.

Sorry to miss your call Saturday night, Catherine but MV enjoyed talking to you and was glad that you talked just to her since it was for her birthday that you called.  Did she tell you that we had gone to a dance at the Elks Club – it was the Yellow Rose Ball that is sponsored by a local sorority – a benefit dance.  The orchestra was especially good.  And we enjoyed the breakfast they served at 11:30 PM – didn't feel as much at home round dancing but didn't break any one else down if we missed a step.

Looking forward to meeting John and X on Friday March 12 to get together to go to Chicago.  The girls won't be sure exactly what time they can leave that day but for sure by 12:15.  Any ideas where we could meet you near the interstate (I-70) on the west side of Dayton?  At 1:30 P.M. – hate to have you use any of your valuable vacation time - could you work til 10:30 or 11:00 and make it there by then?  We plan to be in Columbus Wednesday afternoon and early evening and could call you for your input of ideas.  Will you be working that afternoon at the bank, John?  If we shouldn't be able to get in touch with you then we could call you Thursday or Friday morning before 8:00 at home?

If we leave this early we could meet you earlier Serena – say by 6:00 or 6:30 perhaps (that is Central Standard Time).  We could have some soup at the apartment of the John Hancock Building Apt. and then go out for dessert at D.B. Kaplans or go there for a sandwich or snack.  Or any place that you might suggest that you think we all would like.

Great to talk to you on the phone last Monday, Serena and looking forward to seeing you – I meant to ask how your classes are going but somehow we covered other subjects but not that.  I did see a neighbor of the Haines tonight and she said that Martha had been in the hospital for three days only – she is out and has had a couple of seizures which may go with her brain tumor -– she is not worse but not gaining ground either.

The Harners are planning to go to Florida for a couple of weeks – the Dr. Boyds have offered them their apartment there at Naples or nearby for the time and she can get her cobalt treatment in Florida.

Mother Uible, we are wondering if a Sunday might work out at all to meet you like March 28 – or Harold has a trip to Atlanta and might fly down and back in the same day and could work something out that same week (March 30?) ... get into Cincinnati around supper time.

Can't recall writing about the Keith Rankins having a baby girl on 2/2/82, weight 8# 15oz.  Joann and baby were in Church on Feb. 14th.  Their two oldest boys had gone to Texas in January for work, Jody is now in the hospital in Galveston and the other boy had an accident on the job, so they have had more than their share of misfortune.

[Love, etc.]

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