Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jerusalem postcard sent to Wendy 28-Feb-1992

Though this postcard is postmarked 28-Feb-1992 in Cincinnati, it was written a few days before while they were still in Israel – must have run out of Israeli postage stamps and decided to wait until returning to the USA to put it in the mail.
Captioned: A view of Jerusalem with the Dome of the Rock
Jerusalem postcard sent to Wendy (and her parents) by her Uible Grandparents 28-Feb-1992
[undated, but approximately 2/26/92]
Hope you had a good trip and time in Las Vegas.  We thought about you there.
Snow is now covering everything here in Jerusalem – beautiful but so deep its difficult with many tourists here now.
We are leaving here today for Tel Aviv overnite and then take off for USA with stop over in New York City.  Have had a wonderful guide and good driver which makes for a good trip.
Much love, Dad & Mother

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