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Roberta's letter to Grandma - Feb 16, 1992

Roberta has always done a great job of staying in touch. Here's a letter she wrote to Grandma in February 1992 before going on a trip to Israel with Mom and Dad, Aunt Mary, and I'm not sure who all else. The background shows the Foundation for Senior Living stationary. Transcription of entire letter follows.

Roberta's letter to Grandma - page 4 of 4 - 16-Feb-1992
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2/16/92 [Sunday]
Hi, Grandma,

This is actually a Valentine card [enclosed? not currently attached] that Sid got for me from the CATS  – but I thought it was too cute to just throw away!

My suitcase finally got out – so the CATS are nervous!  I leave Monday for New York City – that is where I'll meet Aunt Mary and the folks to leave for Israel.  I'm happy I get to go and Aunt Mary has been looking forward to going!  (Tho she doesn't know what she should take – clothes wise.)  Uncle Bill didn't want to go so I'm glad she will go without him.

Sid will work for me while I'm gone – I wish I could stop and see you on my way back – but it is necessary for me to get home – to work – and for the CATS and my husband.  Looks like I'll be able to come and see you in APRIL – that should be warmer then – but I'll still need to borrow your COAT/  I'm borrowing someones COAT to go to Israel.  The average temperature in February is 45° – Aunt Mary and I both will be COLD!

I'll get you and Sadie something in Jerusalem or Bethlehem.  Will send you some postcards too Grandma!

Remember – I'm the one that is supposed to be on a diet ≠ not you!  Hope you are eating enough.

Love, Roberta, Sid and CATS

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