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emails from MV 2-17-02

From MV
To All
Sent Sunday, February 17, 2002 12:18AM
Subject: Lexington in April

Hello, folks!

Regarding meeting in Lexington, what about Tuesday and/or Wednesday nights?  That would be April 2 and 3, which would leave us a night in Somerset before and one or two after.  The big drawback would be your anniversary on the 3rd!  Let me know what you think about this.

I have been working on the GA reunion and open to suggestions but here is what I have come up with:

Rooms available - Occupants
2 villas - Rob Hortons, Cris Hortons
Dix (2 queens) - John Uibles
6 Doubles (2 queens or 2 fulls) - Kings, Crowsons, Kintners, Robert Kintners, Joe, Aunt Mary
Single King Rooms - HHU, Wendy, Morgans

I am assuming Wendy would like her own room and there are still additional rooms left, which means we can add Serena in her own room or sharing with someone.  This combo uses all rooms that have two beds available!  I also want to check on handicapped accessibility for the rooms.  The villas, as I understand it, have two beds, plus a couch, which is why I tried to give them to those with the oldest children.  The only drawback to this place is no roll away beds, so if siblings do not want to sleep together, one would need to sleep on the floor or negotiate/switch to stay with cousins or aunts/uncles, etc.

Prices per night are: Villas $149, Dix $115, Doubles $89-98, Single $89

Right now I am planning to offer horseback riding one day and canoeing another; there is also golfing and the Appalachian Trail begins in Amicolola Falls State park, not far from Dahlonega, where we are staying.  The area is beautiful in the mountains rich in history and lots of outdoor activities.  It will be a wonderful time together!  Love, MVUC

From MV
To Mom/Dad
Sent Sunday, February 17, 2002 9:33 PM
Subject: Re: Lexington in April

We would be glad to do one or both nights---up to you!  Just let us know what works best for you.  Go ahead and make reservations and if you would, please get two rooms as I invited my friend, Cheryl and her little girl, Becca to come along to help with driving since Donny has to work.  I will be glad to pay for the extra room.  Again, we don not want to intrude on your anniversary or any celebrations you have planned!

I don't think I told you we have made reservations again at the Cloisters, this time for April 18 and 19.  Don is helping lead a seminar on St. Simon's that week and I will just go down and meet him.  Cheryl has already agreed to keep the children for us, so I think/hope we're all set!

Re: getting you a double room in Dahlonega, I would like to but, right now they are all taken with the families with children and I was thinking Joe and Aunt Mary would want double rooms in case they brought along someone and would want the extra bed.  If that changes, that would certainly be a workable option.

For meals, I figured we would plan to eat dinner together Monday and Tuesday night there in town and I will get that set up.  Sunday night, folks may well want to eat at the Inn (they have a restaurant that serves breakfast and dinner) where we are staying; they have a wonderful home style meal they serve (family style) until 7PM.  If folks get in after that, there are other options in town as well.  I just thought it would be easier to be able to eat right there.  The Inn does do a continental breakfast each morning.  If we use the rooms as planned, they will have only 4 rooms left in the place those three nights!

Hope you all have a good week and our love to you!  MVUC

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