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1992 Catherine's letter to Mom/Dad Feb 14,16

Bifocals, RVs, and exchange students.... First page of the letter scanned below. Transcription follows.
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Friday, February 14, 1992
Dear Mother and Dad,

Hi!  Happy Valentine's Day!  Thought I'd get a letter started today as I'm not sure when I'll be seeing Roberta to pass this on.  Right now I'm sitting in Booth 9, Building 1, Pinal County (Casa Grande) Fairgrounds where Best West is displaying some of their wares and promoting their service at a FMCA (Family Motor Coach Assoc.) Rally.  About 700 RVs here with people from all over.  The sun is shining today but it is still quite damp with lots of standing water.  We heard that yesterday it was like a lake here.

Wendy appreciated the Valentine and the $.  She's been saving her money lately.

Sunday 2/16/92
Now at Best West and getting ready to head over to Roberta's before I go to work myself.  Tomorrow Wendy and I both have off so we can get packed for our trip to Las Vegas. [RV related trip]  We don't leave until 3:00 on Tuesday so we'll all have time to put in a partial day at work/school.

I had an eye dr. appointment last week – thought I might need bifocals but the Dr. said to wait a few more years.  Meanwhile I should just take my glasses off to focus on close up things.

We are progressing in our efforts to line up a foreign exchange student for next school year.  We're supposed to meet with the local rep. of AISE [American Intercultural Student Exchange, though we ended up going with ASSE - International Student Exchange Program] the end of this month.

We will probably be making our reservations to come to Ohio (~June 20-27) [for GHU's 100th Birthday] in March.  We'll try to coordinate with Roberta if possible.

I need to get to Roberta's now so I better close.  Hope you all have a great trip [to Israel].  We'll look forward to hearing about it!

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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