Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2002 - Emails from Roberta

Selections from several emails from Roberta in February 2002:

  • 12-Feb-2002 - Greetings from 103rd....good to be back home after being at Sr. Village the last four nights and most of the days too.  We now have a greater appreciation of those who stayed while we were gone.  Glad to know the folks made it back to Newark [after visiting AZ] – but sorry that Julie is not feeling her best.  Glad she is not an "old lady" or it really would have hit her hard.  Sid and I just back from a walk of two miles, tomorrow we will start the treadmill routine.  He has a treadmill test scheduled – which he wants me to change so he will have more time to practice.
  • Unknown date [part of a forward] Helped  one of my ladies who wanted to sell her jewelry to make needed cash.  It was pitiful – a big white looking diamond that was not a diamond, AND the same for a red rock – not a ruby.  Then another cocktail type ring with lots of small diamonds, that she thought would be worth one thousand dollars, was $12 – as in one dozen dollar bills.  I think I will stick to the stock market.  She decided to keep her rock collection.
  • 13-Feb-2002 Had a call today from the gal that is the director of the new facility in Sun City West – 151st Ave and Deer Valley Road.  She wants me to come out tomorrow to talk about working for her in life enrichment activities in a "limited memory" facility.  We shall see....
  • 22-Feb-2002 Sid and I just got back from taking Sharon to the airport, enjoying the $2.99 breakfast special at Coco's, stopping at the Foundation downtown office, Senior Village, and then a stop at a new Safeway grocery at 83rd and Cactus (West side is the place to be!) and home again before 8:30 AM.  Of course in order to do all that, we did leave the house at 5:08.  We were up before Sun City was!
  • 23-Feb-2002 Just a short note as Sid is fixing supper, we just got back from the pool.  Joan and I also did get in our 30 miles [bicycling].  We rode through the Biltmore area and ate at the Wild Oats Grocery at 40th St. and Camelback.  [Since closed.]  Did I tell you that I got an email from Lisa Gooding?  She is moving to Cincy, across from Jim.  Love, Roberta

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