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Roberta's letter to Mom/Dad 2/4/92

Roberta writes a six page letter, the first page of which is scanned below. Transcription of entire letter follows.

Roberta's letter to Mom/Dad February 4, 1992 p. 1 of 6
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Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks for your letter yesterday – Yes! I've talked to Aunt Mary and she is quite excited (anxious!) as to the upcoming trip.

In the meantime quite busy here - between day to day goings, cultural events - this week the play "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" - residents should not have any trouble hearing it - with all the yelling and screaming in it! Last week Symphony with classical guitar - didn't excite me much!

Next Monday one of our famous SV [Senior Village] fashion shows! We are pushing to get lots of coverage!

Could you please put in 2 hear/ear covers I left in Ohio - 1 new  1 red/white, 1 for me, 1 for Aunt Mary

Have you heard of movie - Fried Green Tomatoes - we are going to see it tonight. Sid has been busy getting out NARFE newsletter - Taxes next!  Glad I'll be gone for that!

We did go to Church Change Conference - a lot of people went to a lot of work!  Served a great lunch for $3.00.  Where people paid most attention was on preacher's salary  - $71,000 for Senior Pastor with 4 Associates getting $45-50,000 each.

So far we have mailed out 8 brochures - mostly just giving them to prospects that drop by or heard of SV by word of mouth.  1000 brochures may last a long time.  Tho I'm to work a couple of Senior Citizens/Community fairs.  See you all soon!  Love, Roberta, et al

Am mailing pkg to you all for Sadie.

To Grandma:  I better get back to work - the phone is ringing and I have 2 ladies not getting along!

Do hope you feel like drinking - be it water, juice or coffee or coke!

Would you like Sid or the cats to come with me in April?  Perhaps I could get someone to work for me so Sid could come.

DRINK GRANDMA, it's so important!

Much love, Roberta & Sid and of course Mozart and Beethoven

If Sid comes to Ohio I'll also have to get someone to take care of the CATS.

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