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1982 Letter from Mom/Dad - Feb 7

Back in the Sunday routine, a saga of true stories and events of the week. Transcription follows.

Letter from Mom/Dad - Sunday, 7-Feb-1982
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Sunday evening - February 7, 1982
Dearest Family,

Happy Valentine's Day to each of you.  My good intentions of sending each of you a special card went for nought today - had personally picked a card for each of you and then realized I didn't have my purse with me in the Dayton Mall so when I finally found Dad - rushed back to Hallmark to find the chained door in place!  I know I shouldn't have waited til so late but that is a true story so you will have to accept my apology this time.  I also had a birthday card for Mrs. Matthews [Blanche Matthews 1886-May 1982, wife of former NV Dr.] who will be 96 this Tuesday - a real bright one which I hoped she would be able to see ... but to retract a little....

Sorry to hear that you have a bad case of the flu, Roberta, but do hope by now that you are feeling much better.  Bet your little ladies miss you checking in on them so often.

Tried to reach you by phone, Serena to check to see if the weekend of March 12-14 would be okay with you but never found you in.  John and X are to let us know if they are able to join us on the trip.  It should be fun - Dad has the two apartments reserved at the John Hancock building.  Is that the weekend you have free between semester or not?  Let us know if there is anything you want us to bring with us.  So many people have been asking about you and if you have moved????  What temporary job(s) have you been doing?

So glad to hear from you, Catherine, and to get a letter from you after several weeks but know you have been extra busy with filling in for so many sick at the library and catching up with the Elks business.  Wish we could see Wendy in her red dress [a Polly Flinders that Mom had gotten her] and also her dance outfit.

Tuesday night was the first basketball game at East Clinton's new gym - we played Leesburg (Fairfield) and the place was packed when we got there at 6:00 PM.  Had to see MV in the jazz band and Mie Young on the drill team - both did a very good job and we won both games which were so close!  Got a peek at the band room and know you all would have enjoyed the new facilities there if it had been available when you were in band.  Mr. Wilson says he can tell immediately when anyone if off key in the new room because the acoustics are so good.

Went to see the game Friday night too with Greenview (Jamestown) for Mie Young had a new show with the drill team.  Both these games were so close too.  Sat with the Donald Bernards who asked about all of you and Mrs. Mandrell also, especially Roberta who she knew the best of all of you.  She is taking Cynthia Saylor's place this spring teaching home-ec when she has her baby.  [According to Cynthia's sister-in-law, Stacie Saylor Young, Cynthia has now retired.]

Last night we went to Wilmington and after picking the girls up at the hospital [Candy Stripers?] (had dinner there) we went to hear Doug Oldham at Wilmington College (Hermann Court) - he was very good - had a big crowd but they had hoped to sell out all the seats in order to send a group to Haiti to build a parsonage there.  Harold Thornburg was in charge of the sound as they used the Messengers' sound equipment.

This afternoon we went up to the Dayton Mall to square dance there. Was surprised when Melba Harner called about going with them.  She got out of the hospital Tuesday and still has some stitches.  She also wanted to do a little shopping - a wig as she will probably lose hair because of the therapy treatments but is in hope that the treatments will cure all malignancy and/or help others in the future as guess she is also a guinea pig too.  Had good steaks at Jed's Steak and Ribs on way home - place was filled with square dancers.  Good and reasonable.

By the way, Mother Uible, we enjoyed the article you sent to us from the Christian Science Monitor about folk dancing - it is a cousin to square dancing - would be interested in seeing it done sometime.

M.V. is one of the ten finalists at Wilmington College for a leadership scholarship.  They are having a special day for that on Feb. 25th, which includes the parents.  The lady that I have been riding back and forth to Wilmington with, has resigned her bank job, so hopefully we can locate another person whose schedule is fairly close to mine... it is hard to....  [and there the letter ends, must have been concluded in the margin as no other page is attached.]

[love, etc....]

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