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Emails Feb. 12, 2002

From John
To All
Dated Tuesday 12 Feb 2002 6:51AM
Subject:  Re: BIG DAY

The Senior Uibles arrived safely Monday night right on schedule into Columbus about 8:40PM.  Andrew and John met them as Julie came down with the flu and Kate took care of Mom.  Because of our illness, Mom and Dad stayed at the Place off the Square, hotel downtown owned by Longaberger.  I plan to have breakfast with them about 8AM.

Sounds like the folks had a grand time in Phoenix, Glendale and Sun City.

From Mom/Dad
To All
Sent Tuesday, February 12, 2002 9:03PM

Hi Everyone!

Yes we are back to the NV routine.  We do appreciate all the family hospitality, the update on the Georgia reunion (had a letter today from Joe Horton and he is planning on coming) and the definite plans for Hawaii from Julia (who we hope is feeling better and regret that we failed to get your books back to you) and John.  Hopefully the Morgans will get a positive response from Joe's Mother on the Georgia time.

Our SW plane had only about 25 people on board.  "Supper" was served about 3:30 (5:30 in Columbus time).  Yes, we had plan B ready for a more balanced diet.

Home seems so spacious after being at home for fourteen days in our small cabin on the boat. [They took the Panama Canal Cruise before visiting AZ.] The Spring flowers are about 4 inches up and the grass is showing signs of greening up.

Dad has written much of this which is very adequate.  Still reading the Wilmington News-Journals that we missed.  They are all there except the Saturday WNJs which is no great loss.

We did enjoy everything - glad to see that you are all such good cooks and chauffeurs and I too hope Julie is definitely on the mend and John's back is feeling better and not the beginning of the flu or something else.  With much love from Your Mama and your Papa

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