Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Hawaii trip that never happened 2002

Email from John
Dated Thursday, February 7, 2002
To All
Subject: Dates for Hawaii

Wilson travel has confirmed our travel dates for Nov. 2002, departing Monday Nov. 25 arriving in Honolulu.  Uibles depart Columbus via St. Louis on American and direct flight to HI.  Morgans and Kings depart Phoenix thru LA on American as well.  Crowsons depart Atlanta to St. Louis and fly with Uibles (6) direct to HI.  Crowsons want to return on Sunday, Dec. 1st whereas the rest of us fly back on Wednesday Dec. 4.

We sill spend three nights on Honolulu and six nights on Maui.  Any questions or concerns please let me know as they want flights paid before Monday Feb. 11 and deposit made on hotel.  We will put on our Visa unless I hear from you.

Everyone is well here.  Love, John

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