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MV's letter to Mom/Dad 25-Feb-1992

Mary writes a letter to her parents in February 1992. Transcription follows.

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February 25, 1992
Dear Mom and Dad,

Welcome Home!  I hope you had a good trip; you were certainly in our thoughts and prayers as we kept hearing about the Middle East in the news and the attacks between Israel and Lebanon.  You probably didn't have any trouble though--we hope!

I feel quite a bit better knowing that my class is nearly over.  The only thing left for me to do is to give a final exam and turn in grades (Thursday night).  I've enjoyed doing it except for the hours and long drive to and from, neither of which have been ideal.  I'm enclosing a copy of the final for you to look over for fun; you may know some of the answers even.  Give it to Aunt Mary to see how she does!!

Well Simpson Memorial has changed their mind once again; the Sunday before you left, they had a church meeting and were gung ho about trying full time, at least for a year; and by their county they thought they could do it financially.  Absent that Sunday was the church "boss" who is very negative about trying anything new and especially anything that big.  The next Sunday, in Don's absence, they had another (final) meeting, where they decided not to do it!!  Of course you can imagine that the church "boss" was there and did a good bit of the talking.  Don is taking this better than I; I'd like to give them a piece of my mind for being fickle, but.....anyway.  The D.S. says that there could be a possibility of putting them on a charge with another church and making this full time so that we could stay.  At this point, I'm not holding my breath.  I am checking around Somerset to see who has the best looking boxes (for moving).

Thank you for the birthday money!  We did go see the NY opera at Danville do Puccini's "Tosca" on Friday night.  It was excellent and we found out that Centre College has an artist series (this was part of it).  Their auditorium was 3-4 times the size of Boyd (including a large balcony).  I believe that quite a few people from Lexington probably drive down for the series (only 45 minutes).

Don is well into his Spring semester; he preaches his first sermon tomorrow for his senior preaching class.  He is also taking Greek exegesis (finding the meaning of scripture from the greek--yuk), Pentateuch (first 5 books of the old testament), and an independent study on pulpit ???  He has to write a paper for it on etiquette, grooming, etc and submit to his professor who hopes to publish it.  And of course, Ichthus is the last weekend of April, which will occupy some of his time.  So far he has been to all Dr's appts. with me.  He's ESPECIALLY excited about going next week as we are scheduled for an ultrasound.

The baby seems to be doing fine, and the kicking is becoming more pronounced (can be seen at times when I'm lying down).  I'm just barely starting to show; I've "outgrown" the first set of maternity pants I've borrowed, so I broke down and bought some.  Clothes are so expensive to buy only to wear 6 months (4 before and a month or two after).  But it seems a little more justifiable if we can use them again or sell them at a yard sale or something.

I got a letter from Dee Bell saying that Walk #8 (my first team in Wilmington) is having a reunion in Wilmington on 3/10.  I am trying to clear my schedule to make it.  I'm hoping to leave after Kindergarten that morning (10AM), come to New Vienna via Hillsboro and then go to Wilmington that night for the reunion at 6:00 and gathering at 7:00.  I hope this will not put a big kink in your schedule(s).  (If you are not able to go to the gathering that night, don't worry about it.)  Then I would need to leave Wednesday morning to get back for my Wednesday afternoon/evening activities.  I'm sure we'll talk on the phone before this comes to fruition.  And we'd like to know when you folks will be down here to visit!!

Well, dinner is nearly ready and I need to grade some papers.  Anxious to hear about your trip and to have you home.

With love – Mary Va. & Don

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