Thursday, February 09, 2012

MV's dream career 1972

In case you missed it, last week on the NV History Blog was a picture of MV and her second grade class, which did not then include her new friend, Billy Kincaid.  According to a comment Bill wrote on Facebook, he joined Miss Purtee's class after the Christmas break.

MV - Second Grade 1971-72

I'm appalled at the sexist nature of the career choices listed:
For boys – Fireman, Policeman, Cowboy, Astronaut, Soldier, Baseball Player
For girls – Mother, Nurse, School Teacher, Airline Hostess, Model, Secretary

At least there is a line under both boys and girls to enter something else.   Evidently this was not yet the era of "girls (and boys) can do anything."

Mary Virginia could still go to law school and become a justice-singing judge.  Below is the illustration of MV as a judge.  Is that a modern looking lap-top on the desk?  Or is that the gavel?  Or her leg??

MV's 2nd grade wishing picture "Be a judge"

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

I think I was trying to be "serious" because Miss Purtee did NOT like foolishness---thus I didn't fill in anything I didn't have to because I probably would have put something sarcastic!! I don't remember drawing the picture but my guess is that although having my foot propped up would be comfortable, it's probably my arm and I'm holding a gavel. To add a little humor, one of the nick-names Don has given me is "Madame Prosecutor" because I can interrogate? I'm not sure it's a compliment! :)

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