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March 8, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1990 - Planted grass at Mother's (over the sewer line). Went square dancing, my we were rusty.

Friday 1991 - We went to Cincy to file Farison [?] 706 at the Federal Building and then Court House for Correll [?] Estate. Then to the Union Terminal to see the Museum. Supper at Cascades (Great Suites) -- big seafood buffet for $17.95. Finally used our 1st Cincinnati Entertainment Coupon, also made a stop at Kenwood Mall, very nice. Got wedding list at Lazarus for Julie and John. Had reservation at Comfort Inn Suites, $34.95 in Blue Ash. Very nice.

Sunday 1992 - Spoke at Richland UMC [This UMC is in Reesville, two miles east of Sabina and is named after the township that it is in.] about our trip to USSR. They had a pot luck supper. The Donald Lynch's will be married 40 years this fall.

Monday 1993 - Louise Fenwick's 90th birthday. She has moved to Ellisville MO. [Different family than Russell and Mary Fenwick of NV School fame.]

Wednesday 1995 - Surprise snow on the ground this AM, 7 absent from Wells. Got haircut at Greg's, now $6. Carolyn R. went to hospital for tests. Catherine called us about 5:30AM her time. Wendy has changed schools, she just has to go in for tests. She has had quite a time with the removal of her wisdom teeth. Jean had Women's Club at Elizabeth Ellen Carey's.

Friday 1996 - Jean goes with Ann Bailey and someone from Lynchburg to UMW meeting in Dearborn MI. Article in WNJ about Luther Warren celebrating his 105th birthday. He started teaching school at $48 per month plus $2 for being the janitor. Dow Jones dropped 171 points, about 3%.

Saturday 1997 - Rob Rankin's have put shelf up for microwave. Went to Wilmington. Leon Salisbury having knee operation as did Ann Bailey. Ate at Subway, really the 12" are too much.

Sunday 1998 - Sermon on "Who is our hero?" John 10:7-16. Caskey's [?] 50th Anniversary at NV Lions Club. Elaine Burton said her son had gone back to school, wants to be a youth minister. Handed out books for Easter Cantata. Serena sent a bunch of recipes on the Internet.

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Catherine said...

In 1992, the Richland UMC is not the one in Athens, but rather in Reesville , two miles east of Sabina and is named after the township that it is in. My error and will be corrected in the blog post.

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