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Your Town: New Vienna Ohio (Part 5) Aerial Photo

New Vienna, Once Buzzard's Glory Prospers Anew in Clinton County
A full page spread in the Cincinnati Times-Star, February 26, 1957  by Mayo Mohs* [Part 5 of 5]

Aerial view of New Vienna Ohio 1957 looking south

1) NV Grade and High School, 2)Methodist Church, 3) St. Michael's Roman Catholic Mission, 4) Randall Co., 5) Carter Tool & Die, 6) Post Office & Municipal Building, 7) NV National Bank, 8) Masonic Hall, 9) Odd Fellows Hall, 10) Mongold Oil Co. 11) NV Grain Co., 12) Church of Christ, 13) Nasa Tool Co., 14) Depot, 15) Southern Ohio Tool & Die Co., 16) Farm Bureau Co-op.
Not marked is the water tower, situated right next to 5) Carter Co. [Also not marked is Wells Mfg., to the left of 14) Depot. 15 and 16 are on the far right of the map, not showing here.]

Note what looks like a Railroad Spur track from the left of #11 (Grain Co.), crossing Main St. and curving toward West St.  Wonder if there was a business in that area at the turn of the century or earlier?

*Mayo Mohs, under whose byline the Your Town feature on New Vienna was written, was born in 1934 and became an international figure in the world of journalism, working for Times Magazine as well as the Cincinnati Post Times-Star.  The Xavier graduate of 1955 became interested in journalism while attending Xavier where he earned degrees in history and political science.  He died in a car accident near his retirement home in Santa Monica, California in 1996 at the age of 62.

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