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Feb. 3, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1987-1999

Tuesday 1987 - [Phoenix to home] Left Phoenix, flight 8:55AM-2PM.

Saturday 1990 - John called, thinking of leaving the Bank and joining Campus Crusade.

Sunday 1991 - Had SS lesson, Matthew 26.  Open House for Fannie Moore's 95th birthday.  Mother seemed better tonight.  Daniel 5-6 at Bible Study.

Monday 1992 - [Home from Newark]  Left Newark, spent an hour at Lithopolis Library where they are building a large addition.  Lunch at Terrace Lounge in WCH [2011: John reports they went out of busines about 8-10 years ago, building is still there on Rt. 62, north side of WCH], soup and salad bar $3.50.

Wednesday 1993 - Lions Club, gal from Southern State spoke re displaced homemakers.  Betty Terrell called re gal that worked for her and stole things.  She's hard to get off the line.

Friday 1995 - [Leaving CO Elderhostel] Left the Y and drove around Kremmling and Breckenridge, what a small public library.  Lunch in Frisco at Claim Jumper [not part of the chain].  Toured the Coors Brewery in Golden.  They passed out different labels of their brand to separate the tour groups.  A big place.  Room 716P at Loew's Georgian Hotel [now Loew's Denver Hotel], a 4-star hotel @$89.  Very nice, covers on toilet paper rolls, goodnight chocolate kiss on our bed, terry cloth robe.  (Two robes at Brown Palace.)  Ate in their restaurant "Tuscany" 3-stars, $41.  Servings were more than we could eat.

Saturday 1996 - Wilmington City budget in the newspaper.

Tuesday 1998 - George & Imogene Shaffer in Phoenix, saw Roberta and Catherine.

Wednesday 1999 - Great night at Lions Club, had 15 guests.  I took Duane Terwilliger, he is Asst. Manager at a heavy equipment place in Mason OH, has the big brick house on the corner.  Talked to Charlie Ely who starts work at 2:30AM.  Got international driver's license, $17 in Hillsboro.  On our recent visit to Columbus PL they were advertising how they were #3 in US as far as Public Libraries.  #1 was Naperville IL PL and #2 Johnson County Library in Shawnee, KS.

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